Ten Useful iPhone Accessories

With Christmas fast approaching at the time of this post, and with much of the world owning iPhones, Midcoast iPhone Repair presents a list of ten iPhone useful accessories.

  1. Tile is a small unit which can be attached to such items as car keys which can easily be lost. With a 200-foot range and through Bluetooth technology, use your iPhone to locate the whereabouts of your lost items. Also, locate your lost iPhone with this product.
  2. For those who cycle (like myself), having a handy mount to attach your iPhone to your ride allows you, among other things, to use exercise apps to enjoy real-time statistics on such type of data as speed, distance and calories burned. The Rokform Pro-Series Adjustable Bike Mount is one such item.
  3. Some iPhones (such as the iPhone 7) have no headphone jack. Use this adapter to connect your corded headphones through your charger port.
  4. Has the person on your list been REALLY good this year? Consider gifting them a drone, some of which, like this model, can be operated from one’s iPhone.
  5. The Cardly card holder is priced low enough to serve as a useful stocking stuffer. Once adhered to the back of an iPhone, users can place such forms of ID as a drivers license, school ID and debit cards within it.
  6. A bluetooth speaker is a handy and moderately-priced gift for music lovers. Also, for a limited time, Spotify is offering those with family memberships a free Google Home Mini.
  7. Amateur photographers might appreciate this reasonably-priced stocking stuffer which allows smartphone users more options while taking photos. The CamKix Deluxe Universal 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit is highly rated and useful.
  8. It’s a good idea to have your phone in a case. Lifeproof is one of the highest-quality, offering water protection. Otterbox cases are sometimes too bulky for practical use, but do tend to keep phones pretty safe. Other companies like Spigen offer less-expensive options which still provide ample protection. And for those who like shiny things and prefer image over safety, there are always these.
  9. I’m not a big fan of Selfie Sticks, but I’m not sure why. Please don’t get me one, but someone else might appreciate it. For those who don’t know, a Selfie Stick allows you to attach your phone to the end of a pole so you can take better photos of yourself and those around you.
  10. I recently needed a sleep study, but didn’t want to make the financial investment. I ended up getting a FitBit, which records the length and quality of my sleep, dividing it into categories and showing me when I was awake, in REM, light and deep sleep. Worth the money for that feature alone. But the unit also records your heart rate and amount of steps per day, plus much more. Connects to iPhone by Bluetooth for a more-in-depth reporting of statistics.