Top 5 Smartphone Annoyances

1. How much we and people around us use them.
Suggestions on how to change that make making your screen black-and-white or using functions make screen time. Also thinking about other ways you can build boundaries by keeping your phone in another overnight and being mindful in general.
2. Too hard to remember all of the passwords.
Try to find a system that works well for you. BB one bass password that has a capital letter and him and letters and numbers and then change it a little bit at the end according to what it’s for.
3. Updates that mess around with our understanding of how they work or decrease performance.
Sometimes updates are our phones. But sometimes we don’t realize good performance because we haven’t updated. Pick your poison.
4. How expensive many of them they are.
If you find a trusted seller you can buy refurbished phones much more affordably and if you don’t need the newest model you can save money on new devices.
5. How available I am to others even when I don’t want to be.
I am always accessible but I am not always available.